About us

We are a bespoke studio facility and are able to offer a variety of Pilates classes to suit a range of ages and abilities.

Owing to the number of classes we have scheduled, we are also able to offer a reasonable degree of flexibility, for those occasions where clients cannot attend their normal schedule session. If you are a total novice, we do require clients to complete a Beginners Basic Principles course, before accessing any of our mainstream classes. This can either be completed by attending one of our small groups, which are regularly held, or if preferred, we can also cover these elements in 1-1 sessions.

You will always find a welcoming and friendly atmosphere here at Glebe Barn Studios. Our approachable, professional team of Pilates practitioners and soft tissue therapists work on the basis that we are all unique and therefore have individual, sometimes quite different, requirements. We ensure that whether you are sporty and active, or facing health conditions that are challenging, we are well prepared and dedicated to finding a tailored solution to improve your strength , posture and well-being, whatever your circumstances.

Kim Snelling was the founder of Shape-Up Pilates in 1993 and Proprius Therapies in 1998, www.proprius-therapies.com She is the author of the Shape-Up Pilates range of CD’s and instruction booklets, sold all over the world. She is both a well-known and highly- respected Pilates Practitioner and Soft Tissue Therapist, who has been practising in her adopted home county of Norfolk for over twenty years. As Kim points out, she strongly believes that Pilates is here to stay, as it services the needs of our bodies to stay strong for everyday life. As a knowledgeable anatomist, with an in depth understanding of movement and movement patterns, Kim has adapted her techniques to work on bio-mechanical weaknesses and mentors other practitioners in her unique style and methodology.

The team of Pilates Practitioners here at Glebe Barn have the highest qualifications and training, being Level 3, whilst others, including Kim, also have Level 4, exercise referral for special populations and medical conditions, plus Level 4, exercise for the management of lower Back Pain. Some of our Practitioners are also qualified Soft Tissue Therapists and part of the Proprius Therapies team. Being able to underpin their therapy with prescriptive Pilates exercises, has revolutionised the goal-setting for our patients and clients, giving them long term positive outcomes. (see Testimonials for specific success stories).