Pilates CD’s

We have produced a range of CD’s which are designed to meet the demands of the total novice, or the real enthusiast, who is seeking to reinforce their Pilates sessions at home or on holiday, thereby maximising the benefits that regular Pilates exercise sessions can achieve. You can choose to learn the real basics, begin to progress or totally relax.


Our audio-led, easy-to-follow classes allow you to stay in correct alignment, an essential element of Pilates, whilst helping you to stay focused throughout. All our CD’s are professionally produced to the highest standards, containing inspirational music, a colour booklet illustrating the exercises and professional instruction throughout, by Kim Snelling.

Our Personal Pilates Programmes are available to those seeking to strengthen individual postural weaknesses that create muscle imbalances and associated problems. By filling in our health and postural assessment questionnaire, we are able to prescribe an individual CD session to help improve skeletal strength or reduce further weakening. We are also able to help you achieve your goals of toning and helping to develop longer, leaner muscles.

The three CD’s can be purchased on line through ourselves or leading retailers such as Amazon. The first is Beginners Basic Principles, the next is a Beginners/Improvers programme and the third, Total Relaxation.

Our CD‘s are not meant to replace regular sessions with a qualified Pilates Practitioner but to complement them. All our Pilates programmes are balanced sessions by working on stabilising muscles and deep core stabilisers, which ultimately strengthens the skeleton, spine and limbs, aiding us both physically and mentally, to cope with our demanding lifestyles.